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Welcome to Lakeside Decoys!


The carved decoy is the only truly American Folk Art, for the Duck and Goose Decoy as an aid to hunting was devised by the Native American Indian as early as 1000 AD. Using reeds and bulrushes they created the first decoys. This in turn set the stage for early Duck and Goose decoy carvers such as Perdew, Crowell Elliston and many others to follow. Those first decoys created Power and Magic -- today that magic is called art.

Here, in the Big Sky Country of Montana,
Chris Linn-Hatcher is proud to carry on that same tradition and magic.






Chris will call on every order to let you know if she can ship your bird right away or if she has to carve and paint it first. Birds that need to be carved can take four to six weeks for delivery. Quantities can be limited on some items.


Lakeside Decoys
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